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As we prepare for the release of DMD v2.067, I would like to draw attention to the stated Agenda (Agenda#v2.067_.28Oct_2014.29) of this release. Please use it as a guide throughout the review process. Additionally, resolution of outstanding regressions remains significantly important and warrants full attention during the beta testing phase. In the event your particular change did not make it into this release, do not despair. The release process for 2.068 begins exactly four weeks following the release of 2.067 which provides ample time to address your issue.

Binaries will be released in 5 day intervals. We will transition to release candidates in exactly 4 weeks (24 Sept JST, 23 Sept PDT). Release candidates will be made available in three day intervals unless no regressions are fixed during that time. After release of the first RC, only regressions, ICEs and documentation fixes will be cherry-picked to the release branch. Only regression existing at the time RC1 is published can extend the release cycle, which is set to end 4 weeks following release of the first RC (22 Oct JST, 21 Oct PDT). All other regressions will be supported via point releases.

Available Downloads

DMD v2.067.0-b1
DMD v2.066.1-rc2

DMD v2.066.1-rc1
DMD v2.066.0-rc2
DMD v2.066.0-rc1
DMD v2.066.0-b6
DMD v2.066.0-b5
DMD v2.066.0-b4

Known Regressions

Issue Repo Summary Pull Status
11946 dmd "need 'this' to access member" when passing field to template parameter 3884
13241 phobos [REG2.067a] writeln no longer flushes stdout 2436 Merged
13257 phobos [REG2.067a] Deprecation message when using std.getopt with string[] parameter 2415 Merged
13294 dmd IFTI fails for function with const and mutable `ref` parameters of `[u]byte`/`[u]short` 3896 Merged
13299 phobos [dmd-2.066-rc2] - Property not found with typesafe variadic opDispatch 3874 Merged
13300 phobos, dmd pure function 'std.array.Appender!(T[]).Appender.ensureAddable' cannot call impure function 'test.T.__fieldPostBlit' 2439, 3878 Merged
13303 dmd "Internal error: ..\ztc\cgcs.c 351" with rvalue Variant.get call 3879
13304 std.algorithm.reduce: "Unable to deduce an acceptable seed type" with float[]
13321 Wrong goto skips declaration error

Known Blockers

Issue Summary Pull Status
677 [Tracker] Get the documentation cleaned up for 1.0
2954 [tdpl] Allow to set associative array key value only using expression AA key type is constructable from
3284 snn linked programs never release memory back to the OS
4831 Optlink rejects paths with invalid characters based on HPFS filesystem instead of NTFS
5363 const + alias this = wrong code
5570 64 bit C ABI not followed for passing structs and complex numbers as function parameters
9249 Defining opCast disables downcasting and explicit upcasting
10492 Illegal Instruction for mixin template with scope declarations 3815 Requires review
10928 Fails to create closures that reference structs with dtor
11526 buffer overflow detected __fortify_fail when building dmd from source
11549 Throwing an exception while debugging causes incorrect execution
11595 __traits(allMembers, packageName) behaves oddly.
12066 dmd on osx 10.[89] in 32 bit mode memory corruption
12116 dmd -op -od broken
12537 Templatizing opEquals results in infinite recursion in the compiler
12624 Internal error: backend\cgobj.c 2313 with Rebindable!(immutable TimeZone) in std.datetime
12696 GIT HEAD : undefined symbols when -O specified
12754 MAC link error for template to static value
13009 inout overload conflicts with non-inout when used via alias this