DMD v2.066.0-b6

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Note: Linux installers cannot be produced due to issue #13210

OS Binaries

[ dmd_2.066.0~b6-0_i386.deb]
[ dmd_2.066.0~b6-0_amd64.deb]
[ libphobos2-66_2.066.0~b6-0_i386.deb]
[ libphobos2-66_2.066.0~b6-0_amd64.deb]
[ dmd-2.066.0~b6-0.fedora.i386.rpm]
[ dmd-2.066.0~b6-0.fedora.x86_64.rpm]
[ dmd-2.066.0~b6-0.openSUSE.i386.rpm]
[ dmd-2.066.0~b6-0.openSUSE.x86_64.rpm]


Changes since v2.066.0-b5

5d28485 - fix Issue 13158 - "void has no value" in std.variant.Algebraic (affects D:YAML)
a85f5d7 - fix Issue 13180 - [REG2.066a] AA get returns const(char[]) instead of string
e444be0 - fix Issue 12057 - [ICE], backend/cg87.c 925
f740f0d - fix Issue 13182 - [DDMD] extern(C++) classes cause crash when allocated on the stack with scope
b4335c9 - fix Issue 13194 - [2.066b] ICE when initializing static class members to void
a4c76af - fix Issue 13089 - Spurious 'is not nothrow' error on static array initialization
e47d845 - [cleanup] Remove two unreferenced array types
82b031c - [DDMD] Move sqrt into Port
08fc7a8 - change install target to match current release structure
5a573b7 - [DDMD] Rename dmd associative array functions to avoid conflict with similarly named druntime functions
4acdfcb - fix Issue 13084 - ModuleInfo.opApply delegate expects immutable parameter
228aa04 - fix Issue 13149 - [2.066] released libphobos2.a is build with PIC code
706e131 - fix Issue 13181 - install target broken
1e9c457 - std.math: Check if dmd-style inline asm is available
11c3da9 - Change various std.math.isXXX into templates
e6083a6 - Add enum RealFormat to std.math
929482e - Ddoc supported 'real' formats in std.math
561d850 - Fix possible copy and paste mistake

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