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  • how do I automatically terminate children when the parent has died?
  • how do I enable stack traces on segfault in Linux (info is there but not easy to find)
  • can I use utilities from vibed (like JSON handling) without using the vibed event loop?
  • how do I parse a JSON range into a struct
  • what is the relationship between vibed concurrency and dmd concurrency
  • when should I use fibers vs threads and new processes
  • what are the asynchronous library options and pros and cons of each - when to use which ?
  • how do I protect my vibed application using a proxy like nginx?
  • can I mix REST and manual routing for human-readable web pages in my application?
  • vibed terminates on error but I want my server application to keep running
  • does vibed work on ARM?
  • how do I get commercial support for vibed?
  • who uses vibed?
  • vibed is described as beta: how stable is it in practice?