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It's actually a good idea to make proposals like this BUT they should have separate category AND we should mandate that everything in category software proposals should be updated every month or so. If something isn't updated - should be removed.

I would hate to see in dwiki a lots of dead (and not even finished) projects like in dsource. People got ideas, people like to share what are they doing and it's great but for random guy who is looking for something useful - proposals like that are not useful at all. It only makes harder to find exciting software.

As for DPM proposal, package manager which makes sense to me:

* central / bundled database of projects (if you're having problems with hosting i can host it for you)
* every project in database should have descriptors about:
 * how to obtain project (git,svn,hg,http,ftp)
 * how to configure and build the project (cmake,gnu-make,custom makefile,etc..)
 * how to install the project and how to check if project is installed
 * optionally: how to add installed project to system package manager

Please, do not make package manager that replaces already popular software with it's own implementation. I don't feel the need of package manager if it forces me to prepare custom metadata instead of interfacing with existing software. Shd (talk) 22:11, 11 December 2012 (CET)