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D language for programming competitions

Not everything is perfect:

GDC tips and tricks

GDC 11+ requires "-flto" or "-fno-weak-templates" option to avoid a major performance regression:

Shared library linking workaround to run phobos unit tests:

Demangle symbols:

Mingw build and test instructions: TODO

Arithmetic overflows

TODO: create a new DIP?

TODO: Atomic operations and arithmetic overflows?

TODO: Unsigned overflows?

GDC supports "-ftrapv" easter egg option for trapping signed overflows.

Relevant links:

GCC history of -fno-strict-aliasing and -fwrapv:

Associative arrays and hash collisions

A hacked solution on codeforces (integers): A hacked solution on codeforces (strings):

Relevant links:

Long term support version of D language

The 2.076 frontend from GDC 9/10/11 can be essentially treated as a D language "edition 2017". This old frontend can be also added to GDC 12 by essentially reverting the frontend upgrade commits, but preferably both frontends should be supported in a single compiler release and selected via '-std=' option.

Victims of compatibility breaking changes:

D1 support story: