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Who am I?

I'm just another programmer who grew up with C and C++, got sick of their design flaws, wasn't quite satisfied with the whole VM trend (Java and its ilk), and finally found D, the closest language to my ideals.

What do I do?

Here are some D-related stuff that I'm involved with.


Here are some draft articles that I'm working on:

Transient ranges

Issues with transient ranges and the bugs in Phobos related to it. Transient ranges are those whose .front value is invalidated after calling popFront(). Several algorithms in Phobos do not work correctly when passed this kind of range. It's still under discussion whether transient ranges are valid, and what should be done about them.

The pull request for fixing std.algorithm.joiner to work properly with transient ranges has been merged.

Additions to std.algorithm

Cartesian Product

Implementation of std.algorithm.cartesianProduct. Merged.

Next Permutation

Implementation of std.algorithm.nextPermutation and nextEvenPermutation. Merged.

New AA implementation

The goal is to replace the current AA implementation with an in-library solution in order to fix some fundamental problems that causes quite a number of existing AA-related bugs. Currently roadblocked due to various issues. The code is available on github.

Miscellaneous links

Probably only useful to me, but you may find them helpful.

Works in progress: