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I was able to reproduce these results on windows! (not that linux is bad, its actually really great)


I got:

arm-linux-gnueabihf (gdc) from [1] OpenOCD [2] ST LINK DRIVER from [3] and GDB as part of [4]

And followed the instructions given for the most part. There is some difficulty with path and of course the commands are a bit different. Honestly It was just kinda awesome that it worked! I'll admit i got that "embedded things that work high". Also I was curious if any new development has occurred? Is this article dated in any way? can i do more and better coding in d? Where can i find information on formatting the memory layout? Thanks!

I'm not sure how you were able to get a compiler binary compiled for Linux to run on Windows, but I suppose if GDC were compiled with MinGW it might work.

My development on this has stalled due to GDC is currently being merged with the 2.067 compiler front end which will finally bring us volatileLoad/Store. I have another example at but I really need support from the DMD compiler team to take this any further.

Don't be mislead the arm-linux-gnuabihf is about the aplication binary interface this has floating point but it doesn't really matter. I found out this would work from this[5] post on the dlang forum. On the GDC page under the section -Windows X86 32bit (i686-w64-mingw32) --

Also I am glad that GDC is being merged! Progress is always great to see on projects.

Same example on Cortex M3 MCU: