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A sample dmd.conf

I created a sample dmd.conf. This should help the TBD.


DFLAGS=-I%@P%/../../phobos -I%@P%/../../druntime/import -L-L%@P%/../../phobos/generated/linux/release/64/ -L-L%@P%/../lib64 -L-L%@P%/../lib32 -L--no-warn-search-mismatch -L--export-dynamic

This file needs to be put in dmd/src. There is one caveat. The file contains platform specifics, namely linux/release/64/. I do not know of a good way around this.

Converting line endings with Cygwin

When running the Test Suite, some versions of Cygwin (i.e. latest x86) cannot process .sh files when they contain DOS line endings. In order to convert the files, the following script can be executed from dmd/test:

find . -name "*.sh" -exec dos2unix {} {} ';'

Note that dos2unix package has to be installed in Cygwin.