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std.signal is a package authored by Robert Klotzner that implements Observer pattern in D. It is supposed to deprecate and supersede existing (and broken) std.signals

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Current state

Failed voting. Encouraged to stay in semi-official state until gets more recognition / maturity.

Review 1

Review thread


Review thread did not get much attention. Several relatively minor concerns have been raised and fixed. In absence of any additional feedback proposal has been moved to voting stage.


Voting thread



  • ilya-stromberg
  • Damian Day
  • Robert M. Münch


  • Jakob Ovrum
  • Andrei Alexandrescu *
  • Denis Shelomovskij

People marked with asterisk belong to this list :


   Total    : 6
   Yes      : 3
   Yes, If  : 0
   No       : 3
   Among D developers : 0/0/1


Rejected in its current implementation

Review manager comment

Apart from some implementation / documentation issues mentioned by reviewers important concern is general lack of interest in such module. It looks too niche to get amount of attention needed for detailed reviewing and this will remain concern even if all issues will be addressed. One possible recommendation is to keep module as separate dub package in Phobos candidate category so that it can't be easily discovered by those seeking sinal implementation and go for another review once it gets some user base to back it.