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University "Politehnica" Bucharest (UPB) Scholarship Recipients

Meet the recipients of the DLang Scholarship

Alexandru Caciulescu

Alex is currently a Teaching Assistant and a MSc student at University "Politehnica" of Bucharest.

His fields of interest include operating systems, low level programming, free/open-source software and a new found passion for security and reverse engineering. Needless to say he is a big Linux fan, command line junkie and vim user.

Occasionally, he switches to Windows for a gaming session, once every full moon in that brief, yet glorious, gap between deadlines.

Lucia Cojocaru

Lucia is Master's student at University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, Romania, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science.

Her Bachelor’s degree is for Computer Science Engineering and was issued by the same institution. She is currently studying computer and network security focusing on low-level executable vulnerabilities and operating system security mechanisms.

Her previous experience includes operating system essentials, basic kernel development, x86 and embedded, microcontroller and FPGA programming, ELF linking and loading exploration and compiler design.

She is most proficient with the x86 assembly, C/C++ and Java programming languages; and is soon to become a D guru. :) The areas Lucia is interested in continuing her studies and research are compiler and runtime environment development, where she is currently contributing to the D community.

Razvan Nitu

Razvan is a computer science Warrior.

The base attributes of his class are versatility and endurance. These skill were upgraded due to the various quests that the CS Warrior accomplished: escaping from the "Low level optimizations" dungeons, conquering the "Distributed systems" land, defeating the "Android" Golem, learning "Artificial Intelligence" for summoning spells and organizing the "Database internals" for castles.

Although the myriad of quests and challenges has made the Warrior a trusted comrade in Computer Science battles, he remains an eager and enthusiastic figure when it comes to new (and old) quests such as: operating systems and advanced programming techniques.

Eduard Staniloiu

Eduard is also a MSc student and Teaching Assistant at University "Politehnica" of Bucharest.

He is a hard working student who enjoys to get his hands dirty. He likes learning new technologies and strengthening his current knowledge.

He is passionate about computer science because we get to think about and tackle problems that we encounter on a daily basis and we are able to find solutions that help other people.

His previous experience includes distributed systems and parallel programming, operating systems, basic kernel development, open-source software and basic Android programming. He is a Linux fan, a command line addict and a vim enthusiast.

He hopes that through his work he will be able to help and improve the D language, which he is becoming so fond of.

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