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As of August 2015, LDC has got support for Windows CI (Continuous Integration) via AppVeyor. As convenient side effect, successful jobs publish the LDC installation directory (as compressed 7-Zip archive) as GitHub release artifact, downloadable for you guys and thus saving you the hassle of building LDC yourselves:

  • Head over to the GitHub CI release and download a Windows .7z artifact.
  • Extract it somewhere.
  • Use the executables bin\ldc2.exe and/or bin\ldmd2.exe.

LDC is built with Release CMake configuration, assertions enabled, with a pre-built LLVM 5.0.1 (Release CMake configuration, LLVM assertions enabled) and Visual Studio 2017.

For linking, you'll need MS Visual C++ 2015 or 2017, either by installing Visual Studio or the stand-alone Visual C++ Build Tools.