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Can a programmer only use one langauge?

If not, then why is the main argument for using D built around "switching"? Seems to imply there's some sort of battle. It also gives a certain negative feel to D, as if it's trying to conquer other langauges. I would prefer something in the lines of "Why use D" and focus more on presenting D on its own accord, rather than compare it to other languagess. For that there could be "D compared to X"-pages. I also don't think trying to paint other languages as bad is an effective argument. Just mention what D has and how it does things, people who know the pains of C++ can see inside their own minds the benefits of D, and those who don't know C++ doesn't need get dragged into a language war. --Kraybit (talk) 10:56, 22 November 2012 (CET)