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What the hell is this page ? Plz remove it.

You use one of my answer from the forum, and it cannot be put like this in its raw shape...

  • about the for() and pointer arithmetic, an example of the generated assembly output showing why it makes sense.
  • about foreach and ranges: InputRange should be mentioned.

At least, i delete my contribution. Sorry but i would have been more accurate if you had cleary stated that you'd reuse the answers as material for the wiki.


Hi. I did say so in the thread.

It's very rough notes that I planned to hone as I get the time. It's not linked to anywhere.

I certainly will respect your wishes, but if you had time to flesh it out, I am sure future newcomers would appreciate it since I couldn't find anything written on the topic.

There are better people than me to write this, and if you would like to take it over that would be fantastic. Failing that, making a start is better than doing nothing.

Otherwise I feel like I am just asking questions, people are contributing their time to help me (and I appreciate your doing so), and I am not giving anything back in return.