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Title / InfoDescriptionLicensePlatform
Hunt is a high-level D Programming Language Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It lets you build high-performance Web applications quickly and easily. Apache 2.0 Windows, FreeBSD, macOS, Linux
Asynchronous I/O and web development framework for D, providing a fiber based blocking programming model with a concise API. Comes with database support for MongoDB and Redis. MIT Windows, POSIX
A full-stack web framework build on-top of vibe.d targeting enterprise development. It's a stable and fully functional framework and requires minimal to no D knowledge to use. MIT Windows, POSIX, Cloud-platforms (Azure, Heroku, AWS)
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Tiny Redis is a Redis driver for D2. It is intentionally minimal, fast, simple and has no dependencies. ISC Windows, POSIX