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Walter and Andrei's Action List

Walter and Andrei have veto rights when it comes to inclusion of new stuff into DMD, druntime, and phobos. So if you're looking to work on new stuff either pick something from the list. Or get in contact with Walter or Andrei early during the design phase of your project. This way you can avoid a lot of frustration.

Walter's List

Id Description People working on
1 eliminate all gratuitous use of gc
2 review all Phobos modules for compatibility with ranges -, for example, was done before ranges and does not work with them
3 use -cov to improve code coverage of Phobos modules
4 make sure every function in Phobos has an example
5 make sure every function in Phobos has Params: and Returns: sections
6 replace std.xml with something we can be proud of
7 compile a list of popular modules in other languages and see what we should have
8 create a greenthreads module that works like Goroutines
9 create a module that enables code to be run on GPUs
10 now that D can interface to C++ templates and exceptions, create the interface code to the C++ STL
11 review all of Phobos for @safe compatibility
12 remove dependency on autodecode from Phobos
13 there was recently a thread on Phobos desperately needing a BigDecimal module, someone helpfully posted links to a couple of free C versions, I suggested that someone build a D wrapper for one or convert one to D. Sadly, that was the end of the discussion
14 I regularly ask people to write articles about D, and the situation is slowly getting better, in that more and more good ones are getting written

Andrei's List

Id Description People working on