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Anyone out there qualified to write a windows gdc installation guide? I currently have gcc version 4.8 (32-bit) on my windows 7 system and would like to add the gdc front end to the existing setup. I can test and provide feed-back but need same sort of starting point.

The GCC version I have was provided with a QT 5 download.

Do you want to compile from source? If you want to use binaries you can try the builds at . MinGW / windows is not well-supported in current GDC sources. Daniel Green has some more patches which improve MinGW support and he also provides build scripts for windows: . I use crosstool-NG to build the windows builds on a linux machine with these configs: (However, this requires not yet published patches for crosstool-NG to build). Johannes Pfau (talk) 16:42, 6 May 2014 (UTC)