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2016-07-29 - FBergemann:

I am sorry, i had no time to continue working for ASF-RBT :-(
There are still some errors for the delete operation that i have to fix.
Hope i will find some time to finalize this, soon.
But maybe you at least can get my point here.
Any comment would be welcome.

I wonder, that DIP55 is not rejected, but also no comment at all(?!)

2016-06-15 - FBergemann:

An initial version of

ASF RBT Red/Black-Tree algorithm using this programming model w/o need for a parent ptr in the node structure.

- including delete operation - is available now.
I feel excited about the new way of programming :-)
And i am pretty sure, so far i only touched the top of an iceberg.
+) ASF-RBT still has to be tested, documented, and cleaned-up (re-align "insert" with experiences from "delete"), maybe still some errors to be fixed.
+) ASF-RBT was modelled on some existing legacy implementation. So it's yet far away from a "native" implementation using the new programming model.
+) ASF-RBT is just an example for this new toolbox offered by functions having a *caller ptr for the calling function.