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Title / InfoDescriptionLicensePlatform
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Thrift is a framework for scalable cross-language services development (serialization/RPC) and supports D out of the box. Apache License v2.0 Windows/POSIX
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Binary serialisation library for D. Minimal to no boilerplate necessary. BSD like Windows/POSIX
YAML is a serialization format aimed at speed and human readability. D:YAML is a YAML parser in D, originally based on PyYAML. Boost 1.0 Platform-independent
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MessagePack is a binary-based JSON-like serialization library. msgpack-d is a pure D implementation of MessagePack. Boost 1.0 Windows/POSIX
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Orange is a serialization library for the D programming language. It supports D1/Tango and D2/Phobos. Boost 1.0 Windows/POSIX
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Yet Another JSON Library, which supports the stream parsing. yajl-d is a YAJL binding for D. Boost 1.0 Windows/POSIX