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This is the review queue of pending packages to get into the D Standard Library (Phobos). The review process is explained here.

If you want a project to put on this list, please look at the wish list.

Current Review Queue

Package Champion Code Documentation Other Status
std.serialize Jacob Carlborg Code Docs Examples

Review thread 1

Review thread 2

Incorporating review comments
std.d.lexer Brian Schott Code Docs Ready for review
std.compression.lz77 Walter Bright Code Discussion Ready for review
std.idioms Idan Arye Code Docs Discussion Thread Ready for review
std.decimal Paul D. Anderson Code Docs Specification Ready for comments
std.xml2 Michael Rynn Code Docs Ready for comments
std.signal Robert Klotzner Code Docs Replacement for std.signals Ready for review
std.log Jose Armando Garcia Code Docs Review thread On hold
std.logger Robert Schadek Code Docs Discussion thread Work in progress
std.benchmark Andrei Alexandrecu Code Docs Work in progress Steven Schveighoffer Code Work in progress

Previously Reviewed

Date Module Description Author Accepted Votes (yes/no) Review Manager Date included in Phobos Commit
2013-05-27 std.uni More complete API Dmitry Olshansky Yes 15/0 Jesse Phillips 2013-08-08
2013-04-20 std.process Revamped API Lars T. Kyllingstad / Steven Schveighoffer Yes 18/0 Jesse Phillips 2013-05-07
2012-08-29 std.digest Digests (SHA; CRC) Johannes Pfau Yes 6/1 Dmitry Olshansky 2012-09-16
2012-06-27 std.uuid UUIDs Johannes Pfau Yes 10/0 Dmitry Olshansky 2012-07-02
2012-03-12 std.log Logging José Armando García Suspended - David Nadlinger - -
2011-12-29 CURL wrapper Jonas Drewsen Yes 14/0 DSimcha 2012-01-28
2011-11-20 std.csv csv handling Jesse Phillips Yes 5/1 DSimcha ? ?
2011-10-08 std.regex Regular Expressions Dmitry Olshansky Yes 10/0 Jesse Phillips 2011-11-06
2011-09-01 CURL wrapper Jonas Drewsen Postponed - David Nadlinger - -
2011-08-12 std.path Path manipulation Lars Kyllingstad Yes 22/0 DSimcha ? ?