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std.experimental.allocator is a package by Andrei Alexandrescu that standard API for allocators as well as implementation for some of common ones.

What std.experimental.allocator is:

  • A hookable interface for allocating and releasing memory.
  • A systematic and hierarchical approach to global allocation, spanning the stack, thread-local storage, and process-level memory.
  • A collection of quality implementations of typical memory allocation strategies, including free lists, regions, bitmapped blocks, bucketized size-specialized allocators, and more.
  • A framework for easy assembly and experimentation with custom allocation strategies.
  • An integration of types within the allocation strategy, allowing concrete allocators to exploit various characteristics of the types they are allocating.

What std.experimental.allocator is not:

  • An abstraction of lifetime management, e.g. transparently choosing between tracing vs. reference counting.
  • An abstraction of notions such as "address", "pointer", and "reference".

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Voting stats

Voting thread: Yes/No votes: 25/0

Current state

Accepted into std.experimental