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This page is under community development.

Porting from C

Interfacing D with an existing codebase




  • PyD creates seamless interoperation between D and CPython, including for numpy arrays. "It just works". Make sure you visit the github code, and not the old version up at bitbucket.
  • Other options are to use cython wrappings to connect to D, or to write in D directly to the Python API. There are examples of this in the PyD examples directory within PyD

D calling embedded Python

void main() {
    auto context = new InterpContext();
    context.a = 2;
    context.py_stmts("print ('1 + %s' % a)");


  • LuaD creates a simple interface between D and Lua

Lua D example

import luad.all;

void main()
    auto lua = new LuaState;

    auto print = lua.get!LuaFunction("print");
    print("hello, world!");