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Points of contact

Responsibility Name Github ID
  • BDFL
  • D Language Fundamentals
Walter Bright WalterBright
  • D Language Fundamentals
  • Standard Library Fundamentals
Andrei Alexandrescu andralex
  • Release Process
Andrew Edwards AndrewEdwards
  • Language Specification
Brian Schott Hackerpilot
  • D compiler development
  • All-round bug-fixing, new-feature-implementing superman
Kenji Hara 9rnsr
  • Phobos review queue management
Михаил Страшун Dicebot
Brad Roberts braddr
Vladimir Panteleev CyberShadow

Mapping of Github handles to real names

Github handle Real name
9il Ilya Yaroshenko
9rnsr Hara Kenji
andralex Andrei Alexandrescu
burner Robert Schadek
Dicebot Mihail Strashun (Михаил Страшун)
Element-126 Jean-Loup Tastet
ibuclaw Iain Buclaw
jwhear Justin Whear
klickverbot David Nadlinger
ntrel Nick Treleaven
quickfur H. S. Teoh
jpf91 Johannes Pfau

Articles about people

People: AllOn Github

== How to add a Person ==

Create a new page with the same name as the person. Add the text {{Person}} to the page. Save.