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* Phobos [http://wiki.dlang.org/Review_Queue review queue] management
* Phobos [http://wiki.dlang.org/Review_Queue review queue] management
* Arch Linux D package maintenance
| Михаил Страшун
| Михаил Страшун
| [https://github.com/Dicebot Dicebot]
| [https://github.com/Dicebot Dicebot]

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Points of contact

Responsibility Name Github ID
  • BDFL
  • D Language Fundamentals
Walter Bright WalterBright
  • D Language Fundamentals
  • Standard Library Fundamentals
Andrei Alexandrescu andralex
  • Release Process
Andrew Edwards AndrewEdwards
  • Language Specification
Brian Schott Hackerpilot
  • D compiler development
  • All-round bug-fixing, new-feature-implementing superman
Kenji Hara 9rnsr
  • Phobos review queue management
  • Arch Linux D package maintenance
Михаил Страшун Dicebot
Brad Roberts braddr
Vladimir Panteleev CyberShadow
Sönke Ludwig s-ludwig

Mapping of Github handles to real names

Github handle Real name
9il Ilya Yaroshenko
9rnsr Hara Kenji
andralex Andrei Alexandrescu
burner Robert Schadek
Dicebot Mihail Strashun (Михаил Страшун)
Element-126 Jean-Loup Tastet
ibuclaw Iain Buclaw
jwhear Justin Whear
klickverbot David Nadlinger
ntrel Nick Treleaven
quickfur H. S. Teoh
jpf91 Johannes Pfau

Articles about people

People: AllOn Github

How to add a Person

Create a new page with the same name as the person. Add the text {{Person}} to the page. Save.