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This article contains release notes for Mono-D.

v2.6.2 Jan 21 2015

  • Got the profiling feature working properly again for normal and dub projects.
  • Fixed #498

v2.6 Jan 20 2015

  • #579 List external dub dependencies in an extra solution folder called 'External Dependencies' - the project pad is now easier to read when having many nested deps etc.

v2.5.14 Jan 2 2015

  • #576 Indentation issue

MonoDevelop 5.8 + Mono 3.99 for Linux x86/x64 Dec 18th 2014


  • [Parser] Fixed small attribute parsing issue.
  • [Dub] Support of selecting different build types #543 via the second dropdown next to the configuration selection

v2.4.11 Sep 29 2014

  • [Dub] #544 Add public/views-folders to dub projects as well.

v2.4.10 Sep 28 2014

  • Performance improvements due to improved mixin/expression type evaluation result caching -- Even having 30 (evaluatable™) mixins won't take up hours to analyse anymore. This still doesn't mean that all kinds of mixed-in things will be handled, though.
  • Parse bug with base class lists.

v2.4.9 Sep 23 2014

  • Several new language features as well as older parse errors became fixed
  • Small lexer optimization

v2.4.4 Sep 9 2014

  • Fixed parse regressions

MonoDevelop 5.7 + Mono 3.10.1 for Linux x86/x64 Sep 8th 2014

v2.4.3 Sep 8 2014

  • Fixed literally dozens of parse bugs
  • Fixed completion support in nested lambdas/anonymous methods

MonoDevelop 5.5 + Mono 3.8.1 for Linux x86/x64 Sep 2 2014

v2.4.2 Sep 1 2014

  • Fixed completion for module statements
  • Improved import sorting refactoring again


  • [Editing] Fixed semantically highlighting enum declarations
  • [Refactoring] Reworked import statement sorting to properly handle wrapping attributes that affect the import statement being sorted.

v2.4 August 27 2014

  • New Refactoring feature that sorts import statements. Works for nested imports per scoped block as well.
  • [Editing] Html-encode most critical chars in tooltips (#531)


  • [Editing] Resolved #528 - Have an option to toggle conditional highlighting

v2.2 August 19 2014

  • Added dmd 2.066's '-vcolumns' flag to compiler parameter presets. Please press the 'Reset Defaults' button in order to have them in the command args for DMD.
  • Removed ability to edit symbol names inside the document Outline.

v2.1.20 August 17 2014

  • [Projects] Probably fixed #432, #525 adding a dub project to a non-dub or not even non-D solution. Dragging a dub.json onto the project pad in order to get it added to the already opened solution is not possible.
  • Fixed #524 by overwriting a Document's 'currentWrapper' field to null in order to let the parse system thing that its project context wrapper thingy has been loaded. This will remain established only until the next XS release.

v2.1.19 August 15 2014

  • [Completion] Display static properties and other unhandled symbols as fields, not locals.
  • [Building] Resolved #523 - have dmd's warning flag enabled by default.


  • [Completion] Fixed #521 adding D_InlineAsm_X86/D_InlineAsm_X86_64 to version()-completion on non-windows systems was failing
  • [Parser] Fixed #146 - forgot to pop lookahead backup token if the if condition consists of a declaration
  • [Completion] Fixed #145 - have 'im' instead of 'in' as imaginary cfloat part. Have float/double/real be the type of re/im.
  • [Parser] Fixed #519 rendering UDA parameters in tooltips + keep attributes' order of appereance within symbol tooltips
  • Fixed some parsing-related issues due to MD's weird internals
  • [Editor] Resolved #518 - have dedicated 'L' icon for local variables

MonoDevelop 5.4 + Mono 3.6.1 for Linux x86/x64 August 13 2014

v2.1.17 August 08 2014

  • #517 Implemented handling shebangs & shell scripts in executable paths

MonoDevelop 5.4 + Mono 3.6.1 for Linux x86/x64 August 05 2014

v2.1.16 August 05 2014

  • Fixed #516 reusing unittest log pads
  • Fixed #514 - Treat __gshared symbols as static

v2.1.15 July 28 2014

  • [Completion] Error with showing non-static items in certain completion contexts #511

v2.1.13 July 11 2014

  • Some minor parse/resolution bug

MonoDevelop 5.3 + Mono 3.6.1 for Linux x86/x64 July 10 2014

v2.1.11 July 6 2014

  • NRE when having no document opened and trying to open the Run-menu