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As of August 2015, LDC has got support for Windows CI (Continuous Integration) via Appveyor. As convenient side effect, the debug job publishes the LDC installation directory (a compressed 7-Zip archive) as build artifact, downloadable for you guys and thus saving you the hassle of building LDC yourselves:

  • Head over to the Appveyor project, taking you to the LATEST BUILD.
  • If the latest build is still queued or hasn't completed yet, select an older build after clicking on the HISTORY tab.
  • Click on the debug job identified by Environment: APPVEYOR_JOB_CONFIG=Debug.
  • Click on the job's ARTIFACTS tab on the right-hand side.
  • Download ldc-x64.7z
  • Extract it somewhere. For it to work out-of-the-box, extract it to c:\projects\ldc-x64, otherwise you'll have to adapt the etc\ldc2.conf configuration file and replace the absolute paths to the LDC installation directory.
  • LDC is built with RelWithDebInfo CMake configuration, incl. assertions, with a pre-built LLVM 3.7 RC and Visual Studio 2015. It therefore requires the 2015 runtime. If you're using it in combination with an older Visual Studio, you'll have to remove the default switch -Llegacy_stdio_definitions.lib in the configuration file etc\ldc2.conf.
  • It's safest to use LDC in an environment set up by MSVC, i.e., in a VS 20xx x64 Native Tools Command Prompt, for LDC to be able to use the MS linker.

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