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This page is a draft, please help to make it a valuable resource

= D Language Milstones

1999 Start of Development by Walter Bright

2007 Release of D 1.0

20.? Release of D 2.0

2009 1. Release of: The D Programming Language by Andrei Alexandrescu

2015 Aug. 19 Release of: Programming in D: Tutorial and Reference by Ali Cehreli

......... D Language Foundation setup.

2015 Nov. DMD front end written in D

2016 The D Language Foundation became a tax-exempt non-profit organization

2016 New DLang Tour on line?

2017 DMD 100% free

2017 DCompute (GPU-Computation) in LDC

2017 GDC to be included in GCC

Some missing events:

please help

New layout of

DUB + official?

Vibe.d first public release?

LDC first release and 1.0 GDC first release and 1.0...?

First Dconf ?

The release Days of the other D books! Adam + Kai + Mike +?

New DIP Process?

1. D Blog post?

1. Adams Week in D ?

Forum = Mailinglist + Newsgroup + Website since?