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Print Interviews

Video Interviews

Name Title Interviewed By Date
Andrei Alexandrescu D with Andrei Alexandrescu CppCast 2015
Stroustrup, Matsakis, Alexandrescu, Pike Panel: Systems Programming in 2014 and Beyond Lang.NEXT 2014
Sutter, Lovell, Alexandrescu, Griesemer, Bright Native Languages Lang.NEXT 2012
Alexandrescu, Bright, Meijer, Moran Pure versus Native (and much more) Channel9 2012
Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu D Programming Language Channel9 2012
Andrei Alexandrescu The D Programming Language with Andrei Alexandrescu InformIT 2011
Andrei Alexandrescu C++, D, and Beyond Channel9 2011
Andrei Alexandrescu Making A Case For D Programming Language Intel Software Network 2009

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