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Integrated development environments with D support.

Name Platforms Comments Version Last known activity
Coedit Windows, Linux Projects, DUB json projects, runnable modules, unit test module, library manager, full DCD integration, symbol list, todo comments, custom tools, custom fold region, split view, etc. 2.a4 2015-Dec-21
DDT Cross-platform (Java + Eclipse) DUB support, code completion, debugging support with GDB. (Features/Screenshots). 0.14.0 2015-Oct-27
Mono-D Cross-platform (Mono) Code Completion/Refactoring etc.; dmd/ldc/gdc support. Has been part of GSoC 2012. GitHub page 2.11 2015-Jul-23
Visual-D Windows Visual Studio plugin written in D with code completion building and debugging support 0.3.42 2015-Aug-05
Code::Blocks Linux/Windows/Mac OS X/FreeBSD (wxWidgets) D project creation, highlighting and debugging work as of version 12. 13.12 2013-Dec-27
Zeus Windows/*nix (using Wine) Zeus is a language neutral programmer's editor/IDE for the Windows platform.

Recent Zeus releases have added many other D specific language features. Shareware, 45 days free trial

3.97z 2015-Sep-30

Considered Inactive

Name Platforms Comments Version Last known activity
Poseidon Windows-only? Old Homepage Written in D 0.23 2011-Jul-24
Xcode [TODO move page] MacOS X D for Xcode plugin 1.2.1 2011-Jan-16

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