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Integrated development environments with D support.

Name Platforms Comments Last known release Last known activity
Code-d for Visual Studio Code Cross-platform (Linux / Windows / Mac OS X) DUB integration, code completion, code formatting, static linting, debugging (gdb/mago-mi), etc... Full list here

Plug-in can be installed from Visual Studio Marketplace.

v0.23.2 2021-11-30
Visual-D for Visual Studio Windows Visual Studio plug-in written in D with code completion building and debugging support v1.3.0 2022-06-05
D Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Cross-platform (Linux / Windows / Mac OS X) DUB support, code completion with and without dcd, code formatting, linting, goto declaration, find usages, syntax checking, name refactoring, experimental gdb/mago-mi (windows) debugging support, syntax highlighting, d-unit integration and a structure view which shows symbols in a file.

Plugin can be installed from IntelliJ repositories.

v1.28.1 2022-06-22
Dexed Linux, Windows Dexed is an IDE dedicated to the D programming language, its compilers (DMD, GDC, LDC), tools (DUB, DCD, D-Scanner, Dfmt) and libraries. v3.9.26 2023-09-18

Other IDEs (some are considered inactive)

Name Platforms Comments Version Last known activity
Code::Blocks Linux/Windows/Mac OS X/FreeBSD (wxWidgets) D project creation, highlighting and debugging work as of version 12. 17.12 2017-12-30
Dlang IDE Cross platform (Dlang UI) IDE itself is written in D and can be installed by cloning from github and running dub.

It has DUB support, syntax highlight, code completion with DCD, debugging support with GDB/mago-mi/lldbmi2

0.8.17 2019-08-09
Poseidon Windows/Linux Written in D, using Tango and IUP which allows it to run and build also on Linux. v0.040 2020-08-01
Zeus Windows/*nix (using Wine) Zeus is a language neutral programmer's editor/IDE for the Windows platform.

Recent Zeus releases have added many other D specific language features. Shareware(45 days free trial)

v3.98z 2022-22-04
Xcode MacOS X D for Xcode plugin 1.2.2 2011-03-28
Mono-D Cross-platform (Mono) Code Completion/Refactoring etc.; dmd/ldc/gdc support. Has been part of GSoC 2012. GitHub page 2.14.5 2020-05-14
DDT Cross-platform (Java + Eclipse) DUB support, code completion, debugging support with GDB. (Features/Screenshots). 1.0.3 2017-09-25

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