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Integrated development environments with D support.

Name Platforms Comments Version Last known activity
Coedit Windows, Linux based on DMD, native project format, symbol list, single-click compile and run, DCD integration and more. beta 2 2015-May-14
DDT Cross-platform (Java + Eclipse) DUB support, code completion, debugging support with GDB. (Features/Screenshots). 0.11.1 2015-March-16
Mono-D Cross-platform (Mono) Code Completion/Refactoring etc.; dmd/ldc/gdc support. Has been part of GSoC 2012. Changelog 2015-Mar-29
Visual-D Windows Visual Studio plugin written in D with code completion building and debugging support 0.3.38-1 2014-Apr-15
Code::Blocks Linux/Windows/Mac OS X/FreeBSD (wxWidgets) D project creation, highlighting and debugging work as of version 12. 13.12 2013-Dec-27

Considered Inactive

Name Platforms Comments Version Last known activity
Poseidon [TODO move page] Windows-only? Written in D 2010-Jul-18
Xcode [TODO move page] MacOS X D for Xcode plugin 1.2.1 2011-Jan-16
D-IDE Windows (.NET) Full IDE with Code Completion and Debugging Support 2013-Oct-15

See Also:

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