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File a bug report

The simplest way to participate is to file bug reports at the bug tracker. You can also search the bug list for issues that you can help fix.

Discuss in the forums

You can also join in the discussion at the D forums, which can be accessed via the web interface, the mailing list interface, or the NNTP server.

The main D forum is for general discussion on the D language, feature requests and discussions, etc.. Newcomers should start with the D.learn forum, which is intended for learners to ask more basic questions about programming in D.

Alpha-test the development version of D

If you're feeling adventurous, or crave the bleeding-edge features of D, you may want to learn how to build git master.

Contribute to the source code

The source code for the D compiler, D runtime library, and Phobos, the standard library, are all available on GitHub. Contributions to the source code are done via pull requests.

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