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Text Editors

Text editors and lightweight development environments with D support.

Name Platforms Comments Version Last known activity
Atom Windows, Linux, OS X language-D - Syntax highlighting 1.0.0 2015
Emacs Windows, Linux, OS X Official Emacs D-Mode 2.0.6-1 2014
Geany Windows, Linux, OS X Syntax highlighting, code navigator in sidebar, compile using make or integrated console. 1.24.1 2014
KDE's KWrite, Kate Linux Syntax highliting, auto-completion via Lumen (see below). KDE 4.14.01 2014
Notepad++ Windows Syntax highliting (lexer is not 100% compliant with current D specifications). 6.6.9 2014
SciTE Windows, Linux, OS X Syntax highliting. 3.5.1 Sept. 2014
Sublime Text Windows, Linux, OS X Syntax highliting, build-system, auto-completion via DCD (see below). 2.02 stable / 3 (beta) 2014
SynWrite Windows Syntax highliting, symbols list ("Syntax Tree" panel), integration of compiler. 6.15 Jan 2015
Textadept Windows, Linux, OS X Syntax highliting, auto-completion via DCD. 7.5 Jul. 11 2014
TextMate OS X
Vim Windows, Linux, OS X See D in Vim. 2014
Zeus Windows, Linux(Wine) Syntax highlighting, code folding, code indenting. Supports DCD: auto-completion, "go to definition" and document tooltips. 3.97v 2015

Text Editor Plugins & Extensions

Name Platforms Comments Version Last known activity
D Completion Daemon (DCD) Windows, Linux Auto-completion helper program for the D language. Jan 2015
Lumen Linux KTextEditor auto-completion plugin for the D language, which works e.g. with Kate or KDevelop. 2014

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