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Text Editors

Text editors and lightweight development environments with D support.

Name Platforms Comments Version Last known activity
Notepad++ Windows Has an option for selecting the D language, but doesn't seem to highlight syntax 2013
SublimeText Windows, Linux, OS X 2014
TextMate OS X
Geany Windows, Linux, OS X Code navigator in sidebar (classes/functions) works with D 2012
SciTE Windows, Linux, OS X 2012
Vim Windows, Linux, OS X D in Vim 2014
SynWrite Windows 2012
Emacs Windows, Linux, OS X Official Emacs D-Mode 2.0.6-1 2014
Textadept Windows, Linux, OS X Works well with DCD 7.2 May. 1 2014
KDE's KWrite, Kate Linux See the section on Lumen below KDE 4.11.4 2013

Text Editor Plugins & Extensions

Name Platforms Comments Version Last known activity
D Completion Daemon (DCD) Windows, Linux An auto-complete program for the D programming language. 2014
Lumen Linux a KTextEditor autocompletion plugin for the D programming language, which works e.g. in Kate or KDevelop. 2014