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This is an unsorted list of tasks, which improve the documentation. The original thread on the forum can be found here.

The List

Id Description Info / Guides / People working on
1 promote directly on D's webpage
1b abandon the wiki, transfer the content to github
2 encourage authors to copy/write/(at least link) articles/tutorials/cookbooks on the wiki many articles/tutorials/cookbooks exist on the wiki, but also many are scattered threw out the web
3 on decrease score of packages, which don't build
4 Link tutorials or cookbooks in language and library reference Existing examples are simple and clear. A newcomer needs also more complex examples, like tutorials or cookbooks. Use only one link in documentation to avoid clutter.
5 opinionated suggestions in getting started a newcomer is overwhelmed by the possibilities of compilers,editors/ides; Suggestions: dmd, vscodium with code-d
6 pack this task list somewhere on the wiki done
7 encourage newcomers to edit the wiki This is a simple task, often dull to do for experienced community members, but great for newcomers, because they are included AND they explore the wiki and the community on themselves.
8 Finish the book
9 declare unmaintained and broken packages as such maybe flag / comment (/ vote) system like on the Arch User Repository?
10 document -preview, make a timeline for those changes, document them e.g. per switch in a github issue (like bazel does)
11 better docs for simd. How do I add new opcodes, if I miss one? Tutorials.
12 better docs for dub, subpackages, examples, recommended project layouts
13 better docs/tutorials for the mir libraries
14 comprehensive guide to memory management with comparison of std.allocator / GC / automem(?) show idiomatic usage of these