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I think we should include at least a license in projects tables.

My proposition is, make a project name an URL to project page, and replace links section with license. Platform might be useful too.

I agree! Sounds good. We have to have a page for each "thing" anyway, sooner or later, in order to use categories etc.
A bit off-topic, but I further think we need a new approach to managing data like projects, websites, people etc. alltogether. While MediaWiki is great for encyclopedia-like content, it's not too good with database-like content. I've come across Semantic MediaWiki Extension which seems ideal, and I've also asked CyberShadow about it.
In short, Semantic MediaWiki would allow us to have queryable properties for each page, something like a "database layer", and then have pages with "views" into it. We could then have a page like "Stable cross-platform open source projects and framworks" or "Stable and Experimental Projects for Linux" or "Open source projects looking for help" etc. — all without any data duplication and just achieved using simple queries. We could also provide better cross-linking so that you can see all projects a certain developer is involved in, which can be a great way of finding new projects that has a certain style you like, without making every person or project into a Category or without manually construcing that list for each developer, which is boung to be out-of-sync. There's also custom forms, filter-by-property-search, map views (nice for DUGs, events etc?) and more.
We can still reorganise and add data now, of course, whether we use Semantic Mediawiki or not in the future. I say add the licenses and make the changes you proposed! My 2¢ --Kraybit (talk) 00:13, 26 November 2012 (CET)
I should add this is all just my impression from browsing the docs. I have no experience with the extension. --Kraybit (talk) 00:35, 26 November 2012 (CET)
This is pretty nice, i've been missing aggregation like that too. I'll definitely look at semantic mediawiki features soon. --Shd (talk) 12:31, 26 November 2012 (CET)
So the Semantic wiki is installed now : D. I've started to toy around with it, seems very cool. --Kraybit (talk) 20:52, 26 November 2012 (CET)
Thank You (for suggesting) and Cybershadow (for installing) the Semantic Mediawiki extension. BTW is there any page here that is using this extension (so that I can see how it works) ? --R m r (talk) 14:17, 28 November 2012 (CET)