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[01:24:24] <jA_cOp> sure go ahead
[01:24:24] <jA_cOp> sure go ahead
</pre> --[[User:Kraybit|Kraybit]] ([[User talk:Kraybit|talk]]) 01:26, 25 November 2012 (CET)
</pre> --[[User:Kraybit|Kraybit]] ([[User talk:Kraybit|talk]]) 01:26, 25 November 2012 (CET)
== Plain and Simple? ==
what about something plain and simple like this :
--[[User:r_m_r|R M R]]

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Logo proposals

While the red logo is fine, I feel the wiki could perhaps be free from the "Mars"-brand? It would be nice to have a neutral logo. --Kraybit (talk) 01:12, 25 November 2012 (CET)

"The future is bright"

Logo mock 1.png

"The future is askew"

Logo mock 2.png

Comments from IRC regarding logos:

[01:18:56] <jA_cOp>	 kraybit, I think they both look good bu
[01:18:57] <jA_cOp>	 t
[01:19:08] <jA_cOp>	 I like the current logo, just think the rest of the wiki needs to look like dlang.org too
[01:19:25] <kraybit>	 that's a good point
[01:19:29] <kraybit>	 thanks
[01:19:59] <jA_cOp>	 the current logo was made simultaneously with the new style for the site
[01:20:11] <jA_cOp>	 so separating the logo from the rest of the style is always going to be jarring
[01:20:16] <kraybit>	 true, it fits
[01:20:20] <kraybit>	 there
[01:20:29] <jA_cOp>	 http://jakobovrum.github.com/bootdoc-phobos/
[01:20:42] <jA_cOp>	 like here; doesn't fit very well with Bootstrap's overall theme
[01:20:58] <jA_cOp>	 (nevermind the ridiculous size issues...)
[01:21:06] <jA_cOp>	 (I just thought it was better than nothing...)
[01:21:30] <jA_cOp>	 So, I think that if the wiki is going to be mostly white like now, a new logo is definitely warranted
[01:21:35] <jA_cOp>	 and your proposals are really good
[01:22:02] <jA_cOp>	 but exploring the possibility of adopting the dlang.org style in its entirety sounds cool to me
[01:22:40] <kraybit>	 : ) yeah sounds good, hm, perhaps at some point, a more "durable" logo could be devised for D, 
     that works well almost anywhere, like github's cat etc,  I'll just leave the proposals for reference and drop it : )
[01:22:47] <jA_cOp>	 at least it makes sense if it's going to be at wiki.dlang.org and linked from the main site
[01:22:54] <kraybit>	 yep
[01:22:57] <kraybit>	 agree
[01:23:12] <kraybit>	 logo change on wiki = logo change on main site = politics
[01:24:17] <kraybit>	 mind if I copypasta this conversation to the wiki? (it's good)
[01:24:24] <jA_cOp>	 sure go ahead

--Kraybit (talk) 01:26, 25 November 2012 (CET)

Plain and Simple?

what about something plain and simple like this :


--R M R