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Title: Phobos additions
DIP: 80
Version: 1.0
Status: Draft
Created: 2015-05-28
Last Modified: 2015-06-07
Author: Robert burner Schadek


Phobos is awesome in most regards. But some functionally could be added.


Make phobos even more useful by adding modules that help in daily life.


Libraries that would bring phobos a long way there would be:

Title: Description
boost::unit allows you to calculate with SI units for example (http://code.dlang.org/packages/quantities)
blas std.blas forum annonce
multidimensional ranges st.ndslice #3397
std container map, set ...
serialization something that takes structes/classes and writes json,xml, ... and the other way around
xml replacement
json replacement
SafeInt!T there is checkedint in druntime but no high level wrapper