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Title: "dlib" in druntime
DIP: 58
Version: 1
Status: Draft
Created: 2014-04-11
Last Modified: 2014-04-11
Author: user:Monarchdodra
Links: http://forum[dot]dlang[dot]org/thread/xiofvuktricobthxyzyn@forum.dlang.org initial forum discussion


Create a "core.dlib" library to druntime. It would provide functions that are equivalent to what can be found in C's runtime library. Particularly: <string.h>


C's runtime library is powerful, but *very* unsafe, and hard to use in a generic fashion. Having functions with a D interface can add safe bounds checking, no type casting, and CTFE.


The basic idea is to have an equivalent of function which are useful, but hard to use in a safe manner:

  • malloc => T[] malloc(T)(size_t howMany) @system;
  • calloc => T[] calloc(T)(size_t howMany) @safe;
  • memcpy => void memcpy(T)(T[] dest, T[] source); //infered.
  • memmove => void memmove(T)(T[] dest, T[] source); //infered
  • memcmp => void memcmp(T)(T[] dest, T[] source) @safe;
  • memchr => void memchr(T)(T[] data, ref T what) @safe;
  • memset => void memset(T)(T[] data, ref T what); //infered
  • ...

Extra functions could also be added, on a "need to have" basis. For example, memset0 could be introduced to 0 out some memory. This would be guaranteed safe.


This is a *very* rough first draft. It will be updated per feedback. For example, I'm currently unsure *when* memmove should be safe: When no CC? When no indirection? When not both? When neither?

Library name ("core.dlib") is up to debate.

Location: druntime/phobos is also up to debate (placing in druntime is probably more convenient, but implementations may require some template magic from traits.d/typetuple.d


This document has been placed in the Public Domain.