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DIP 41: dmd/rdmd command line overhaul.

Title: dmd/rdmd command line overhaul.
DIP: 41
Version: 1
Status: Draft
Created: 2013-05-20
Last Modified: 2013-05-20
Author: Timothee Cour
Links: dmd command line options bad design: -offilename, -Ddocdir etc.


This DIP seeks to improve dmd and rdmd's command line flags, to make it more consistent with other tools (including other D compilers), more expandable, avoid corner cases, and better interact with other tools such as rdmd. It also proposes new flags and proposes a simple deprecation path to follow.

Deprecate -offilename (etc) in favor of -of=filename (etc)

Dmd currently uses 2 conventions for its flags with arguments:

  • type A: -offilename, -Dddocdir, -Dffilename, -Ipath (etc)
  • type B: -version=ident (etc)

Type A, the most common in dmd, is problematic:

  • it doesn't scale: we can't have any new flag starting with "-I" or "-L", etc as it would create conflicts.
  • it's visually harder to tell from the command line the options from the arguments to these options
  • it's using a different (worst) convention from most other tools (including other D compilers, like gdc or ldc)

For reference, ldc uses: -of=filename, -Dd=docdir, -Df=filename, -I=path etc.

Deprecate passing file without extension

I would like to deprecate the current behavior where one can pass the file name without extension (main vs main.d) as source. Consistency is better than avoiding to type those 2 characters. I can create a pathological case where main.d is conflicting with main.d.d (the 2 files have different contents).

rdmd main.d

Which one do you think is called when we call rdmd main.d ?

Note, I raised a very analogous concern here [1] regarding naming of object files in a flat hierarchy, see my example with

dmd -c -oq foo/mod.d foo_mod.d

Improving compile and run with arguments

The current strategy of rdmd is to treat as input arguments anything after the first source file:

rdmd main.d myfirstprogramarg # a bit awkward, especially with optional extension it gets hard to parse visually.

This is error prone, and inconsistent with dmd's behavior, which is:

dmd src1.d -run main.d myfirstprogramarg #a bit awkward, need to split the source from the main file.

It also makes it impossible to do this:

dmd -c main.d 
dmd -run main.o myfirstprogramarg #Error: -run must be followed by a source file

I suggest instead something simpler, explicit and consistent, using -args as a dmd command line argument, that would just work as well with rdmd:

dmd main.d src1.d -args myfirstprogramarg
rdmd main.d -args myfirstprogramarg

Distinguish dmd vs rdmd flags with a single flag --dflags

Currently we distinguish rdmd's arguments from dmd's arguments via '--' vs '-'. A better way IMO would be to have a special flag indicating the start of dmd's (or gdc/ldc...) flags: eg

rdmd --chatty --dflags -version=myversion main.d

Deprecate rdmd --main (redundant with dmd -main)

dmd -main was introduced in 2.063, so we should deprecate the use of rdmd --main, which is redundant.

Deprecate dmd -property

see here

Provide Long and short help for dmd / rdmd

dmd: short help (same as dmd -help=short) dmd -help=long: long help (ie more detailed help) In particular some flags could have better description in a long help form: -gc, -gs Another point is that dmd --help is inconsistent currently: its the only dmd flag with 2 dashes. This might cause problem with rdmd's current behavior to distinguish between dmd and rdmd flags, among other things.

New / improved flags

-unittest=package.module: unittest a given package/module proposed by Nick here. (Nick suggested -unittest=pagkage.name.* but we're going to have 'transparently make module into package' implemented so that particular form might not be necessary)

-L='space separated list of commands for linker' eg: dmd -L='-L/opt/local/lib/ -ljpeg' main.d

-profile_file=filename: to save profile log file to a given filename instead of default currentdir/trace.{def,log}

Deprecation path

To implement those changes to dmd and rdmd, we can support both existing and new behavior using the following deprecation path:

1) Make all future flags have type B instead of type A.

2) Migrate all A flags to B flags (say in next dmd release):

2a) One way is to introduce command line arguments -flagstyle=old or -flagstyle=new:

dmd -offilename main.d #works but generates a warning for now, and error in a subsequent dmd release
dmd -flagstyle=old -offilename main.d #works and does not generate a warning.
dmd -flagstyle=new -of=filename main.d #works. After a certain time passed, -flagstyle=new is implied

Note, A and B conventions for flags that currently are using A convention can't be mixed in a command line call, eg: -offilename -Ddoc=dir will give error, in all 3 cases above.

2b) An alternative way is to use a new binary name (dmd2, reminds of D2, ldc2, ldmd2) instead of -flagstyle=new. I don't like this as much somehow, as it requires compiling 2 binaries instead of 1, which complicates build.

3) Likewise with the other proposed changes: -flagstyle=old would use existing behavior, -flagstyle=new would use proposed new behavior.


It seems at least some of the changes proposed have support of Walter (here).


This document has been placed in the Public Domain.