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== Building ==
== Building ==
* [[Minimalistic cross-platform Makefile]]
* [[Minimalistic cross-platform Makefile]]
== Floating Point ==
* [[Setting the FPU precision mode]]
== Math ==
== Math ==

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The Cookbook is a community-created collection of practical examples, guides and advice for accomplishing common tasks in D. Here you can find knowledge and insight based on experience and "what works".

One should keep in mind that, while the goal of the Cookbook is certainly to establish best-practices and inspire developers to write proper D code, it also strives to help get things done, and as such may take a more pragmatic approach than normal documentation. The Cookbook is not a shortcut to learning D. The reader is adviced to read the official D documentation as well.

Guides and Advice


Data Handling

Recipes and Examples



Meta Programming


Strings and Text