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The D Programming Language
Andrei Alexandrescu
June 12, 2010

The definitive book on D

“This is a book by a skilled author describing an interesting programming language. I’m sure you’ll find the read rewarding.” ~From the Foreword by Scott Meyers

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Programming in D
Ali Çehreli

Comprehensive free online book for beginners

“This book aims to teach the D language to readers who are new to computer programming. Although having experience in other programming languages would certainly be helpful, this book starts from the basics.” ~From the Introduction

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D Templates: A Tutorial
Philippe Sigaud

Free book (pdf) about templates

“Templates are a central feature of D, giving you powerful compile-time code generation abilities that’ll make your code cleaner, more flexible and even more efficient. This document aims to be a kind of tutorial on D templates, to show the beginning D coder what can be achieved with them.” ~From the Introduction

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Pragmatic D Tutorial
Andreas Zwinkau

Pragmatic introduction to the D Programming Language

“This tutorial tries to provide pragmatic information to enable you to start coding ASAP.”

~From the Introduction

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D Programming Language Specification

D cookbook.png

D Cookbook
Adam D. Ruppe
May 26, 2014

Code examples and explanations from the author's years of using D covering a variety of practical topics.


Learn to Tango with D
Kris Bell, Lars Ivar Igesund, Sean Kelly and Michael Parker
January 7, 2008

Learn to Tango with D introduces you to the powerful D language, with special attention given to the Tango software library.