Installing DMD

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Standard procedure

Easiest and fastest way to get your DMD running on MS Windows is to use the provided installers.

If you'll encounter any problems with missing libraries or non-existing executables, take a look on this.

Alternative ways

Installing DMD on 64-bit Windows 7 (COFF-compatible)

The Windows 7 SDK may not work for newer systems (e.g. if .NET > 4 is installed). If that is the case then the Visual Studio Community editions can be used to obtain a 64-bit build environment.

Debian Linux compatible

If you have distribution that's based on APT package manager, you might use APT Repository.

Arch Linux

There is a package in community repository for 32 bit dmd and | 64 bit dmd.

Gentoo Linux

You can use the ebuilds from the dlang overlay like this:

emerge app-portage/layman
layman -f -a dlang
emerge dev-lang/dmd

Note that if you are using Hardened Gentoo, you may need to use a non-hardened linker or specify PIC=1 when compiling Phobos.

Other POSIX compliant

You might try looking for precompiled package for your distribution on

If it's isn't there you might try building from source.